Meet the team.

Meet the faces behind 231 entertainment and what separates us from the rest.

Bill Schramm

Owner | DJ

Bill’s first introduction to DJing was at the local skating rink where he grew up at the age of 13. At the age of 17, he was introduced to his mentor (Ron Jolly) and he also began working for the late great Norm Jones (Mr. Music). From the first time he ran an event on his own, he was hooked. The thrill of being able to curate emotional responses during the most important day of people’s lives quickly became an addiction for him. He loves being able to invoke emotions and curate the perfect wedding for his clients. He enjoys being a Master of Ceremonies and performing for guests at events. He has made it a priority to attend national and international MC/DJ conference workshops, symposiums, and other training programs to hone his craft, and provide a higher quality of service for his clients. He enjoys all genres of music and has a very diverse knowledge of different generations as well.